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Ozone in India - Where is Ozone in America?

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 8, 2021 6:00:00 AM / by Dr. Isadora Guggenheim

Other countries have successfully employed the use of ozone as a disinfectant and as a treatment modality during the pandemic. Why not use a proven and effective treatment modality in America? 

Read about what is happening in India where they have less resources, but are utilizing cutting edge ozone to protect factory workers.

Hey Amazon - Are you using Ozone to protect your workers?



Among the many measures adopted by Indian companies to sanitize offices and plants and to protect essential service personnel from the threat of Covid-19, ozone treatment proved to be particularly effective. 
“Bisleri International Pvt Ltd”, the largest Indian company in the production of mineral waters and beverages, has devised and practiced a real health and immunization protocol based on ozone. 
Developed by the internal doctors of the company, who have practiced and carried out research on ozone therapy for the last 18 years, “Bisleri Cares” is the health protocol used during the lockdown for employees and staff assigned to water supply and essential services.
During the closure of the plants, the workers assigned to essential services were at risk to contract Covid infection while carrying out their duties.
Considering that the Mumbai plant was one of the essential services that could not be shut down, the company’s management decided to make ozone treatment available to all employees who came to work.
Parag Bengali, director of human resources and finance of Bisleri International and trustee of the Bisleri Charitable Trust, explained that all the premises suitable for accommodating employees were disinfected daily with ozone.
Vehicles intended for the transport of beverages and mineral water have also been disinfected with ozone, both before departure and upon return from each trip.
In addition, at the entrance of the company, tunnels were installed in which ozone was diffused at low concentrations so that even the slightest presence of the virus was immediately deactivated.
Tunnels of the same type have been donated to Seven Hills Hospitals, Sion Hospital, Nair Hospital and Poddar Hospital to enable healthcare workers to activate ozone disinfection processes.
In this regard, Dr. Mili Shah, president of “Ozone Forum of India”, an organization supported by the Bisleri Charitable Trust, explained: “Ozone therapy improves innate immunity thanks to its ability to release oxygen, and has been successfully used in various countries for the treatment of Covid-19”.
“We have decided to treat the employees with vitamin balancing and minor autohemotherapy,” said Dr. Shah. “We take the employee’s blood, mix it with ozone and then re-inject it. This allows the body to develop antibodies that help fight any infection”.
320 Bisleri employees benefited rom the ozone protocol and only seven of them contracted the virus (2.1%).
The seven Covid positives were transferred to quarantine centers and healed quickly within 8-10 days.
Bisleri International with 135 production plants and 5,000 transport vehicles for distribution, is the largest Indian company for the production of mineral water. It was founded in 1969 by Jayantilal Chauhan and the Italian Felice Bisleri, heir to the Bisleri who invented Ferro China in Italy and who owned Nocera Umbra mineral water.
Felice Bisleri was the first entrepreneur in India to have conceived and implemented the sale of bottled mineral water.
In its institutional communication, “Bisleri International” explains that “water is one of the essential elements required by every living being on Earth. It forms an integral part of many life processes, including maintaining a physically and mentally healthy individual. But water in its natural state is not entirely suitable for consumption. Various treatments and purification processes have been developed to treat water and filter harmful chemicals and bacteria. One of the most effective processes is the one that uses ozone”.
Bisleri’s technicians also specified: “Ozone has more effective germicidal properties than chlorination. It is a powerful oxidant and takes only a short time to react and make the water drinkable. Ozone is also used to remove the presence of dissolved metals such as iron, manganese and copper”.
Through the “Ozone Forum of India”, the Bisleri Charitable Trust is also involved in the training of ozone therapists for the treatment of various human pathologies.
In recent years, “Ozone Forum of India” has trained 2,400 doctors who practice ozone therapy in India, Abu Dhabi, China, Japan, Bangladesh and Malaysia
The Bisleri Charitable Trust believes that ozone therapy is decisive for building the future and for this reason wants to make it accessible to all.
Antonio Gaspari
Director Orbisphera
To learn more, read the book:
Antonio Gaspari, “Ozone: a cure for life”




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