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Ozone in Israel

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“With this study we have shown that ozone reduces the infectivity of coronaviruses with a 99% decrease recorded after 30 minutes of exposure to 1,000 ppm of ozone. (...) In the end, we verified that ozone can penetrate every part of a room, proving to be an effective disinfectant to eradicate SARS-CoV-2”. 
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These are the conclusions of a study conducted by researchers from the Tel Aviv University School of Mechanical Engineering in collaboration with the Materials Engineering Department of the Azrieli College of Engineering in Jerusalem and the Faculty of Medicine of the Bar Ilan University of Safed (Israel). 
The scientific work, published on January 13, 2021 in Environmental Chemistry Letters, therefore confirms that ozone is a safe and powerful disinfectant against the SARS-CoV-2 virus: 
The researchers were able to experience that, thanks to the use of ozone, the viral infection was reduced by a percentage of about 95% after exposure to ozone for 20 minutes at 1,000 ppm, for 30 minutes at 100 ppm., and for 40 minutes at 30 ppm. 
These trials provide evidence that ozone is extremely effective in deactivating the coronavirus even when used at low concentrations. 
The researchers also highlighted that the advantage offered by ozone over liquid disinfectants consists in the fact that, thanks to its nature as a gas, it is able to penetrate all environments, sanitizing contaminated surfaces. 
Due to its gaseous form, ozone is able to disinfect all surfaces, even in the lateral, lower and internal parts, whereas liquid disinfectants are active only on the surface parts that they can reach directly. 
In this regard, Dr. Ines Zucker of the School of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Tel Aviv and first author of the study, specified that “the advantage of ozone over common disinfectants (such as alcohol and bleach) depends on its ability to disinfect objects and the entire environment inside a room, and not just the exposed surfaces.” 
Dr. Zucker also stressed that “ozone disinfects quickly and without danger to public health because gas can be produced relatively cheaply and easily from oxygen by electric discharge. For this reason, it should be possible to introduce industrial-scale ozone disinfection systems to combat the Covid-19 epidemic.” 
The Israeli study constitutes further confirmation of what has already been demonstrated by the research group of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Nara in Japan, directed by prof. Toshikazu Yano of the Department of Infectious and Pathogenic Diseases, and by prof. Kei Kasahara of the Center for Infectious Diseases. The experiments of the Japanese scientists – repeated several times – have shown that ozone, spread in environments without the presence of people, is able to permanently deactivate and destroy Covid-19: 
Even more interesting is the experiment conducted, also in Japan, by medical researchers from Fujita Health University (Toyoake, Aichi prefecture), according to which ozone is able to deactivate the coronavirus in environments even if spread in low concentrations. 
Following this discovery, Fujita Medical University Hospital has installed ozone generators to eliminate Covid in waiting rooms and in patient recovery rooms: 
In this context, the Department of Molecular Medicine of the University of Padua, directed by prof. Andrea Crisanti, with Dr. Claudia Del Vecchio as scientific director, conducted an experiment in the Level 3 Biosafety Laboratory. The environment was contaminated with a viral suspension of SARS-CoV-2, after which an ozone producing device of the type used for sanitizing environments. In the end, as reported by the “Virucidal efficacy report”, ozone was able to break down Covid with an effectiveness of 99.98 percent: 
At the beginning of the pandemic, health authorities, while recognizing the virucidal qualities of ozone, remained hesitant, arguing that there was a lack of specific studies capable of confirming the effectiveness of ozone against Covid-19. 
But now – after four university centers around the world have demonstrated how effective, safe and economical is the use of ozone for the sanitization of hospitals, waiting rooms, clinics, schools, means of transport, bars, restaurants, theaters and the like, there appears good reason to aggressively use ozone to interrupt the chain of spread of the virus.
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