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Plastic Phthalates and Boys

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 23, 2020 11:30:00 AM / by Isadora Guggenheim

Newborn baby first days with his father

If you are pregnant you need to read this.  Exposure to phthalates during pregnancy can alter your male baby's genitals.  

I have lectured about this subject before, but a Swedish study is connecting the dots between exposures to phthalates in utero and changes in the development of the male reproductive tract.

The news is not good.  Previous studies in three other countries confirm the findings.  

We are poisoning ourselves.

What can you do to protect your baby? Where are you getting those exposures?

Phthalates are in vinyl toys, flooring, food packaging and cosmetics.  Phthalates in high and low levels are blocking the production of testosterone and change testicular development.  Male babies are born with undescended testicles at a much greater rate today. These chemical exposures affect testicular development, semen quality and fertility. Phthalate levels have doubled in adults and children in the past decade. These chemicals change the genetalia and they affect the brain directly.

The chemicals to replace the original chemicals are no better.  

You must remove plastics from your life.  DiNP replaced DEHP and it is not safer.  

Of course, The American Chemistry Council says that these new studies do not prove that the chemicals are responsible for the changes.  

We are exposed to phthalates through our food and through skin contact.  
If you are pregnant you must eat unprocessed unpackaged foods and avoid heating or storing foods in plastic containers.  We offer testing and treatment for phthalate exposures before, during and after pregnancy.  Call to Get Started Today!

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Isadora Guggenheim

Written by Isadora Guggenheim

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