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Prolozone Therapy - Immediate Pain Relief - Ozone for Your Joints

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Musculoskeletal pain comes first followed by insomnia.  Do you have painful sleepless nights?
If you have chronic pain you probably have insomnia. Both conditions can be treated with Prolozone therapy.  Eliminate your pain and get to sleep at night!
Did you know that most people with osteoarthritis in the knee have inadequate pain relief especially women with depression, hypertension or diabetes and those who have had the disease for a long time?  
It's a whopping 54% of patients with OA that continued to have persistent moderate to severe pain after taking prescribed pain treatments for knee osteoarthritis. Topical and oral treatments did not work because they did not address the root cause of pain.
Prolozone therapy goes right to the root cause of the pain and delivers immediate relief.  
A high percentage of patients with osteoarthritis in one knee had it in both knees.  NSAID's nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed first followed by paracetamol and opioid drugs. Many people end up habitually taking and getting addicted to opioid medications. This does not even conform to or follow clinical practice guidelines.  

And if you do the Hokey Pokey you know that the hip bone is connected to the thigh bone and the thigh bone is connected to the ankle bone. I have several patients who suffer with heel pain and plantar plate issues.  

Did you know?

More than 2 million Americans seek treatment for heel pain every year. Proximal plantar fasciitis is twice as common in women as in men. The average age of a patient with proximal plantar fasciitis is approximately 45 years.
Prolozone therapy can eliminate heel pain - Second Nature Care

Your heels are your shock absorbers and they absorb 110% of your body's weight during walking and 200% of your body's weight during running.  No wonder runners have plantar fascitis, heel pain and bone spurs.  

Overuse is the most common cause of plantar fascitis in athletes.  Collagen breaks down and you get repetitive microtears in the plantar fascia. 

When there is an inflammatory response to overuse, the plantar fascia can double in thickness.  Heel pain can also be caused by injury to the tibial nerve roots higher in L4-5 and S2-4.  

Here are some questions to answer to find your root cause of heel pain:

  • Do you stand on your feet at work? Do you have pain on one side or both or is the pain worse on one side?
  • Did the pain come one day without any trauma or did you start a new exercise program with running or walking?  Did you recently gain weight?
  • Is your pain worse in the morning with your first steps? Is it worse after resting in a chair or getting out of a car?
  • Does the pain improve with walking and stretching, but get worse if you walk or stand too much?
  • Does the pain cause you to limp?
  • Have you gotten multiple steroid injections?  Do you have fat pad atrophy?
  • Do you experience lower back pain?  
  • If you have bilateral heel pain and pain at the tendon insertions - do you have fatigue, low-grade fevers, multiple joint pain or inflammatory bowel disease?  You may have Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lyme, Reiter syndrome or Behcet syndrome or another autoimmune condition.  We check patients for all of these conditions because treatments are different. 
  • Have you lost your appetite and lost weight or have pain at night?  This can be caused by cancer.
If you have true heel pain call us we can help you.  We'll show you how to limit the impact stress on your heel, alleviate inflammation with prolozone therapy and stretch your triceps surae muscle. 
We recommend to modify your current activities and cross-train with non impact sports.  Reduce your body weight with one of our detoxification protein shake programs from Xymogen.  Let us fit you with orthodics from Foot Levelers. Insoles correct misalignments and reduce pain patterns. Wear soft-heeled shoes. 
I'll recommend the best anti-inflammatory natural medicines from DFH Inflammatone.  You can ice the area after your prolozone injections for the first 48 hours. 
We'll refer to great physical therapists and chiropractors who can follow up with adjustments, stretching and strengthening exercises. You'll learn active and passive ankle dorsiflexion. You can massage your foot over a tennis ball at home. 
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Here is a sample of some of the self-care exercises with plantar fascia-specific stretching. To perform the exercise, the patient crosses the affected leg over the contralateral leg. While placing the fingers across the base of the toes, the patient pulls the toes back toward the shin until he or she feels a stretch in the arch or plantar fascia. The patient confirms that the stretch was correct by palpating tension in the plantar fascia (see image below).
Great exercise after prolozone therapy at Second NatureYou could do this anywhere or after your prolozone therapy at Second Nature Care. I love this stretch before and after my prolozone therapy at Second Nature Care. Rolling a can or a tennis ball is a great self-care exercise after your prolozone injection from Second Nature Care.
* All IV therapies and injection therapies are MD ordered and RN administered in NY State.

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