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The Autonomic Nervous System and Cancers

[fa icon="calendar'] Sep 30, 2021 4:29:35 AM / by Stephanie Finucane

Balancing the Autonomic Nervous System via Enzyme-Based Nutrition: An Effective Approach to Treating Cancer and Other Degenerative Diseases

By Stephanie Finucane

Autonomic nervous system imbalance may be the root cause of many cancers and degenerative diseases. Comprised of the sympathetic “fight-flight-freeze” system and the parasympathetic “rest-digest” system, the autonomic nervous system functions optimally when these counterpart systems collaborate optimally, ultimately helping to maintain homeostasis within the body.1

Overactivity by either the sympathetic or parasympathetic jeopardizes this balance, leading to poor health. Genetics, aging, and environmental stressors are among the factors that can pressurize either system into overactivity.1

I.V. Ozone, Peptides, Nutraceuticals and German biologics all rebalance the autonomic nervous system. 


A forerunner in research on the role of the autonomic nervous system in disease, William Donald Kelley, DDS, predicted that overactivity in the sympathetic system would contribute to carcinomas such as lung, breast, pancreas, colon, or prostate cancer.1 Similarly, overactivity in the parasympathetic system would result in “cancers of the immune system” (eg, myeloma, leukemia, lymphoma).1

Kelley surmised bringing the autonomic system back into balance may help resolve these health issues and proposed an enzyme-based nutritional protocol to restore balance. The protocol calls for:

1. Large doses of pancreatic enzymes - Yes, must have high quality pancreatic enzymes as all patients with cancer have gut dysbiosis - the castle walls have been breached 

2. Diet and nutritional supplementation - We create diet and nutraceutical protocols

3. Detoxification - We have great detox Bio-Remediation protocols

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Following on Kelley’s lead, Linda L Isaacs, MD, and Nicholas Gonzalez, MD, have added to the body of knowledge amassing around this treatment approach by publishing patient case reports over the years. In an August 2021 article entitled “The Work Continues: Two Cases of Metastatic Cancer Treated with an Enzyme-Based Nutritional Protocol,” Dr Isaacs provides an update on two patient case reports demonstrating an abatement in cancer in patients with metastatic colon cancer and metastatic non-small cell lung cancer.1 Click here to access Isaacs’ article.


1. Isaacs LL. The Work Continues: Two Cases of Metastatic Cancer Treated with an Enzyme-Based Nutritional Protocol. Townsendletter. 2021;457/458:42-45.

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Stephanie Finucane

Written by Stephanie Finucane

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