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Why Adolescents Should Avoid Junk Food - Xymogen's OptiCleanse GHI, OptiLean Fiber, ProbioMax 350 DF, OptiMagNeuro and RelaxMax

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Junk food is having neurological affects on adolescents.

Junk food in adolescents not only can cause obesity but, also has affects on their neurological health. The developing GABA system in adolescent patients can be affected by functional changes in dopaminergic signaling caused by "junk food diets".  Diets that are high in fat and sugar have been linked to poorer cognitive and executive function. According to an article published online in Clinical Neurology News, “because key neurotransmitter systems in the brain responsible for inhibition and reward signaling are still developing during the teen years, existing primarily on junk food could negatively affect decision making, increase reward-seeking behavior and influence poor eating habits throughout adulthood.’”

To counteract the negative affects, studies have shown that aerobic exercise in the teenage years may improve attention, planning, problem solving, working memory and inhibitory control. It also correlates with beneficial cortical, subcortical and white matter structural connectivity profiles in older adolescents according to MRI studies.

Childhood obesity is at an epidemic crisis. The younger the child and the more that they weigh has a greater effect on their health. Healthy years of life are lost.

We have successfully worked with children and adults to permanently lose weight.  The first goal is near. You only need to lose 10 pounds and exercise 30 minutes a day to drop your risk of diabetes by 60%. That's a small effort in return for a big reward.  

I recommend a delicious and healthy protein shake filled with lean fiber, probiotics and 26 grams of vegan protein to lose weight and build lean muscle mass from Xymogen. Two shakes per day plus one reasonable meal with real food will help your child lose weight immediately and safely. Let 2018 be the year that your whole family gets healthy. Xymogen's OptiCleanse GHI Sugar and Stevia Free is a perfect vegan protein combined with OptiLean Fiber, ProbioMax 350 DF for a balanced shake. You can add IG 26 DF for immune support and OptiMagNeuro is your child has a mood disorder, focusing issues or ADHD issues. If you child experiences chronic anxiety then I recommend RelaxMax in the morning shake and again after school.

Our children are not medication deficient - they are vitamin and mineral deficient.

What's the difference between healthy life-years and years of life?  Healthy life-years means that you are enjoying a healthy life that is not ruled by disease.  Years of life lost means that you actually lose time on the planet and if you are ill because of obesity then you might be alive and suffering with a chronic illness.  

If your teen is struggling with their weight, avoid artificial low calorie sweetened beverages and all other low calorie sweetened products.  We do full workups on all of our teens to identify early diabetes so we can make lifestyle changes to prevent diabetic-related peripheral neuropathy.  We clean up the diet and recommend Xymogen's OptiMetabolix shakes and CinnDromX in capsules. Obesity begins in the gut so everyone takes GOOD GUT products to rebalance the disturbed flora.  You can order your GOOD GUT products direct from our office now.  GOOD GUT Probiotics + Immune, GOOD GUT Repair and GOOD GUT Detox.  

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Winter Ninivaggi

Written by Winter Ninivaggi

Isadora Guggenheim, ND, RN, MS, CNS LMT, owner of Second Nature Naturopathic Care, LLC
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