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Cardiovascular Cacti - Homeopathic Heart Health, IV Ozone

[fa icon="calendar'] Nov 6, 2018 11:01:38 PM / by Winter Ninivaggi

Cactus, Crataegus and physical medicine to treat cardiovascular disease. 

Homeopathic cactus is a remedy that is known to have an affinity for the heart. Other instances  for its use are ventricular hypertrophy, palpitations and angina with constructive sense of suffocation.  When used botanically Selenicerus grandiflorus (cactus) acts as a stimulating tonic, cardiac restorative and diuretic.  Especially useful in mitral valve insufficiency and angina.  Cactus can also be helpful for dysmenorrhea with constrictive, squeezing quality which show how this remedy can be useful in many systems of the body.  

Crataegus (hawthorn) also acts as a nutritive tonic, enhancing cardiovascular health.  It improves coronary perfusion, lowering high blood pressure, increasing the cross-linkage of connective tissue of blood vessels and general strengthening the function and integrity of CV tissue. 

Metabolic acidosis is one of the most important reasons people suffer from angina, unstable angina, and MIs. The build-up of lactic acid in the myocardial tissues is the final common pathway in all cases. Because of parasympathetic disease, coupled with micro-circulatory problems, the heart finds itself in a stressful situation one in which it is forced to undergo a glycotic shift. 

An African perennial vine called strophanthus makes seeds that contain the active ingredient referred to as g-strophanthin in Europe and Ouabain in the UD.  Ouabain is a copy of the hormone made by the adrenal cortex.  It has many functions that are useful in treating patients with heart disease.  It is used as the main treatment for the prevention of MIs in Germany for many decades, Ouabain has been shown to redirect the parasympathetic nervous system, improve the micro-circulation and convert lactic acid into a nutrient for that heart. (Cowan, 2018)

Our cardiac patients take Strophanthus in oral form.

If you do not have high blood pressure or heart disease it is still important to maintain good heart health. Almost half of all adults in America are projected to suffer from some type of cardiovascular disease or hypertension within the next 15 years. Do not wait until that happens. Drink your beet juice and do aerobic exercise to keep you heart healthy.

At Second Nature care we can work with you to understand your total body health and guide you to help you stay healthy without ingesting harmful chemicals. We also offer safe, effective I.V Ozone chelation and inhalation therapy to kick start your heart health. We also provide full lab work ups for free through Empire City Labs (if your insurance is on their list) to get to the root of your total body burden.  Use the link below to learn more about Ozone therapy with our free eBook. 

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Winter Ninivaggi

Written by Winter Ninivaggi

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