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Climate Cirrhosis? - Alcoholic Liver Cirrhosis and IV Ozone

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 24, 2017 5:25:27 PM / by Isadora Guggenheim

Recent Study associated alcoholic liver cirrhosis with climate. Specifically the bleak, dark, cloudy midwinter, where researchers say the risk of alcoholic cirrhosis may increase.

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The analysis linked cooler temperatures and less sunshine to increased alcohol use and therefore to alcohol-associated liver disease. The study backs up the common theory of "drinking to stay warm", but ultimately being left open to the consequences of excessive alcohol use.

The researchers caution that although there is correlation; there is not causation. The data however is interesting and provides a strong argument in favor of the hypothesis. The findings strongly support the possibility of an increased risk based on latitude, but factors such as ethnic, cultural and religious may attenuate the association.

Because alcohol can give the perception of warmth, it is common that people in countries with colder weather tend to drink more, and then might have an increased risk/prevalence of alcoholic liver diseases. It is also known that the hours of sunlight are related to both temperature and depression, which could also influence alcohol use.

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Although many factors come into play and are associated with increased alcohol consumption, the study presents the implication of taking further measures in populations of colder climates to educate about and prevent alcohol cirrhosis.

Between 10% and 20% of heavy drinkers ultimately develop cirrhosis. It is diagnosed by taking into account the patient’s history of drinking and blood testing. A liver biopsy may also need to be conducted in some cases.

We treat Alcoholic Liver Diseases first by revamping a person’s entire diet. No more sugary drinks, sodas or other irritants including of course alcohol and only limited healthy fats. Changes in diet help the liver to reverse protein and vitamin malnutrition often seen in alcoholics.

We also offer an array of supplements (NAC and Liver Protect) and treatments that are individualized. Our I.V. Glutathione is a great treatment choice. Recolonize, repair and restore gut function works to revive patients with any level of disease.  We have specialized injectable medicines from Germany to add to your bag of I.V. ozone or I.V. glutathione. Don't wait for a complete body breakdown. You can begin to reverse your chronic liver disease today.

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