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Breakthrough Discovery Changes Blood Transfusions Forever - The Amazing Microbiome

[fa icon="calendar'] Sep 12, 2018 8:59:59 AM / by Winter Ninivaggi

Finding a way to convert one blood type to another has been a task researchers have been working on for decades. 

Turns out the answer was in the gut.  New research presented at the National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society has "revealed that an enzyme produced by gut bacteria could be the key to safely and easily turning type A and B blood into type O."

One of the characteristics that separates blood type A and B from type O is the presence of sugar molecules on the surface of the cells called antigens. The challenge with converting blood types has been finding a compound to remove these antigens to yield the universal blood type, type O

"We have been particularly interested in enzymes that allow us to remove the A or B antigens from red blood cells," says Stephen Withers, one of the researchers on the project from the University of British Columbia (UBC). 

The idea of using enzymes to stop antigens from forming in blood cells is not a new one. In fact, scientists have been studying this as far back as the 1950's. A number of different enzymes have been tried over the years but, nothing had been effective, safe and economical.  "In 2015. a team at the University of British Colombia revealed one of the most promising developments in the field to date, creating a mutant enzyme that was selectively evolved to be more effective at attacking the target antigens." (Irving, 2018) Whithers and his colleagues have now zeroed in on a potentially more effective enzyme that is produced by the human gut microbiome. 

Setting out to sample the genes of millions of microorganisms and searching for genes coded to produce specific enzymes targeting sugar residues, they were able to focus on enzymes produced by gut bacteria that were known to feed on sugars that are similar to the antigens on A- and B- type blood cells. (Irving, 2018)  Thus, a new family of enzymes was discovered! These enzymes are claimed to be 30 times more effective at clearing antigens than previously studied.

While there are still many more clinical trials ahead using the enzyme, the researchers believe it is a very promising option. If this is proven effective it will allow a simple enzyme to be added to type A or B blood bags and turn them into the universal type O making it possible for rapid emergency blood supplies to be deployed. 

The gut is full of amazing secrets and health benefits and finding this enzyme in the gut can be a life saving medical advancement. Your health starts in your gut, so maintaining a healthy gut microbiome is so important. At Second Nature Care we want to help you to have the healthier gut microbiome and ultimately a healthier you! 

Patients with Type A and Type B blood are more susceptible to Type II diabetes and your gut is associated with the regulation of blood sugar levels.  If you don't know your blood type, call us and we can order the test.  We have sound programs to help you manage your blood sugar levels and reverse your pre-diabetes status.   

Insulin is a rescue hormone. The top inflammatory foods that demand insulin production are carbohydrates. Eat foods that are low on the inflammatory food index guide.

I recommend Xymogen's CinnDromX capsules and OptiMetabolix fast-acting shakes to stabilize blood sugar levels. Daily exercise is a must for everyone to stimulate the insulin receptors and improve the intestinal microbiome. 

We also have GoodGut Probiotics to help regulate your intestinal microbiome. 

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Winter Ninivaggi

Written by Winter Ninivaggi

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