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The Truth about your Beauty Routine - Detox Diets and I.V. Ozone

[fa icon="calendar'] Jan 7, 2018 10:15:39 PM / by Winter Ninivaggi

Dangerous sources of EDC's.


What is your beauty routine doing to you? The endocrine-disrupting chemicals that are found in your cosmetics, skin care products, hair care products and even tooth paste are effecting your fertility, heart health and weight. 

The average woman uses about 12 personal care products per day containing harmful EDC's. These include: Phthalates, Bisphenol A, Triclosan and Parabens.

Phthalates are used in plastics and have been found in breast milk, saliva, blood and urine. Studies have found that phthalates can effect onset of puberty in women and affect cardiovascular health. BPA is found in some skin care and sanitizing products and can cause obesity. Triclosan was found to impact pregnancy and parabens may negatively influence ovarian reserve and contribute to ovarian aging and infertility.

Heavy metals are also in many of your cosmetic products alone. Lead, arsenic, mercury and aluminum are present in hundreds of cosmetics from lipsticks and eyeliner, to foundation and nail polish. So how do these metals affect your health?

LEAD: lower IQ, impair memory and other cognitive functions, cancer causing

ARSENIC: asthma, heart disease, gastrointestinal issues, skin, lung and gastrointestinal cancers

MERCURY: potent neurotoxin that destroys brain cells

ALUMINUM: Alzheimer's disease

Nail polish has an endocrine-disrupting chemical called triphenyl phosphate or TPHP for short. This chemical is added to give greater flexibility to the nail polish. What happens to TPHP? It ends up in your bloodstream and body tissues 10 to 14 hours after getting your nails polished. This chemical is linked to obesity, weight gain and is associated with reproductive and developmental issues. Nail Polish can affect your fertility!

So how do you protect yourself when almost everything seems to contain heavy metals and EDC's? 

  • Many companies make toxin free cosmetics.
  • Always read the label on your cosmetic products! Avoiding lists with multiple synthetic ingredients.
  • DO NOT always believe the label that claims the product is natural or organic
  • DIY is always fun or simply research the products before purchasing!

Don’t forget! Cosmetics are NOT regulated by the FDA so be careful, read your labels and stay fabulous this holiday season and every season! 

If you are concerned about elevated levels of any of the metals listed above and more, we test and treat heavy metals.  We offer low slow gentle chelation and I.V. therapies when the levels need to come down quickly. We are your Detox Experts

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Winter Ninivaggi

Written by Winter Ninivaggi

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