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Berberine Does it All -  Xymogen, Natural Anti-Inflammatory

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Metabolic Balance and a healthy heart function


Berberine has a broad range of effects on metabolism and the body. It is an anti-inflammatory, reduces elevated blood surgar, improves cholesterol balance, prevents hepatic inflammation and fatty changes, microbial balancing effects, reduces intestinal permeability and promotes akkermansia muciniphila.

Akkermansia muciniphila is a type of bacteria has been shown to impact metabolic balance and cardiovascular health. The bacteria feeds on mucin, certain sugars such as N-acetylglucosamine and glucose.

Although A. muciniphila only represents a fraction of the the bacteria in the gut; the impact it may have on metabolism is significant. Reduced levels of the bacteria have been found in patients with impaired metabolism and obesity whereas increased levels have been found in athletes and individuals with a low body mass index. In a mice experiment reduced weight gain and fat mass  improved glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity was achieved after supplementation of A. muciniphila.

It may have this impact on metabolism by the reduction of chronic low-grade inflammation.

Both Metformin and Berberine have been shown to increase levels of akkermansia spp. with most treatments increasing the number of mucin-producing goblet cells that produce the substrate that serves as food for this bacterium.Berberine was also shown to improve HFD-induced atherosclerosis in the standard mouse model and promote endothelial function. Endothelial dysfunction is one contributing factor that leads to increased blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

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Although hyperglycemia leads to endothelial dysfunction, berberine has shown the ability to alleviate this negative effect and promote normal vasodilation via the AMPK pathway. Berberine reduces the pro-inflammatory response. Berberine also inhibits the release of platelet-derived growth factor from vascular smooth muscle cells promoting normal endothelial function and the reduction of stenosis and may also improve cardiovascular health by inhibiting clot formation.

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Written by Winter Ninivaggi

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